Sunday, September 6, 2009


Since I had posted earlier about the great mammal-viewing opportunities in Riding Mountain National Park, I thought I’d add this photo. Recently I went up to Keeseekoowenin First Nation for a meeting (very interesting!) and that evening I took a little night drive through Riding Mountain National Park. The highlights were a Northern Saw-whet Owl, a Moose, a Red Fox and this beautiful Canada Lynx. Not much of a photo I admit but I seldom see these magnificent animals and so I always feel like sharing when I do! This lynx was hunting the old burn area where dense regeneration has created ample fodder for Snowshoe Hares, their main prey. Note the long legs and large feet that make this predator such an excellent hunter in deep snow. Unfortunately the beautiful beard and ear tufts don’t show very well in this photo but you can see the full black tip to the tail which is one of the features that help separate this species from Bobcat (only upper half is black).

There are more photos of mammals including a better photo of Canada Lynx on my web page: (go to for mammals)


  1. This would be quite a treat to see.
    It was great to meet you the other day.

  2. And wonderful to meet you too. hope you got some good shots - we'll have to do a "fall warbler photo exchange" sometime!!


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