Friday, November 14, 2014

A video of "bird atlassing" in the Canadian wilderness (Manitoba)

Friends who would like to know what summer bird surveying is like, or anyone who appreciates Manitoba's awesome wilderness may enjoy this video (click on link above or below) - a fantastic souvenir of atlassing in Manitoba's splendid wilderness made by Janine McManus (one of four surveyors hired by Bird Studies Canada ( in 2013 (shown here) and 2014...

Janine wrote:
The Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas ( has completed five years of field work surveying a province where the roads run out and there are more bogs than you can count! Last Friday I celebrated this achievement with some of the amazing volunteers who made it all possible. It inspired me to get this little video of the 2013 crew up and running.

Anyone care to join us? 


  1. Very interesting video.I trust that the info gleaned during the altering period will be valuable for years to come.


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