Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A family of Eastern Screech-Owls

I put together a small album of photos of a family of Eastern Screech-Owls (Megascops asio). I monitored several nests this season (as best I could with other commitments) but these photos are all of one family unit that had five fledglings. The sequence is as follows: two photos showing the adults on day roosts; two photos showing the adults hunting caterpillars; a photos of all five young huddled together during a storm, then a photo of the remaining four after the first left, then a photo showing three; three photos showing an adult feeding the young (a beetle and caterpillars); a photo showing a young one dispensing with the caterpillar just delivered by a parent; four photos of youngsters out on their own; and finally a shot of one of the parents flying off after feeding. Enjoy!




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