Friday, August 2, 2019

CBC Radio’s Weekend Morning show - Saturday 3rd August

Friends, I will be on the CBC Radio’s Weekend Morning show tomorrow (Saturday) at approximately 08:50 am to talk about my experience in Manitoba.  It will be tough because in just 7 or 8 minutes I have to try to cover the Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas, Golden-winged Warbler conservation, the Manitoba Important Bird Area Program, the Manitoba Chimney Swift Initiative, the Manitoba Nocturnal owl Survey, Delta Marsh Bird Observatory, the Breeding Bird Survey locally, the Nature Manitoba Bluebird Fund, the Species At Risk partnership on Agricultural Lands, community pastures and grassland outreach and conservation, the Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference,  the International Shorebird Survey, First Nations outreach and collaboration,  the COSEWIC Bird Specialist Subcomittee work, hundreds of workshops delivered and over two million dollars raised for conservation and, ESPECIALLY, all the great people, from keen youth, students and trainees to partners, collaborators, government folk, over a thousand volunteers of all stripes  and all who put their nose to the grindstone and rolled up their sleeves for birds and their habitats… little bit daunting actually… sure I’m going to forget something!

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