Monday, February 22, 2016

My Upcoming Talks & workshops

By popular demand, placing a list of my upcoming talks & workshops here (public ones only listed) and will update as required:

•   Owls of the World – February 23rd for Nature Manitoba (
•   Bird of the Andes – March 3 at McNally Robinson ( for any in this series)
•   Manitoba Raptors – March 10 at McNally Robinson
•   Manitoba Breeding Bird Atlas – March 12 at Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre for CMMN conference
•   Endangered Birds – March 17 at McNally Robinson
•   Manitoba Raptors – April 9 for La Rivière Raptor Festival
•   Returning Songbirds of Manitoba – May 14th at Oak Hammock for Migratory Bird Day
•   Birding by Ear: May 12th, FortWhyte Alive

Note that I had to cancel some May events this year due to unforeseen circumstances)

Contact me for details!  
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